Oil and Gas Services

FOQSCO’s oil field material supply division is the supplier of oil & gas industrial materials and equipments to Saudi Aramco and other petro-chemical industries in all regions of Saudi Arabia. FOQSCO’s oil field material supply division is dedicated to serve its valued customers such as Saudi-Aramco, oil & gas chemical refining, power energy and environmental and process technology companies. We are supplying all types of required products in oil & gas sector. We are not just a supplier; instead, we are proud to introduce ourselves as a solution provider since we are always trying to study the actual requirements of our clients and offering them the right items thereby solving their problems.

We have strong infrastructure to serve all types of customers in various sectors like Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, and Industries etc. Our commitment & dedication to deliver quality is realized by our professional team of highly qualified project Sales Engineers, Logistic Experts, Procurement Specialists, and efficient coordinating staff.

We serve as your single source for all the products in oil & gas sector and act as your own procurement department thereby saving your valuable time and resources.

We understand your requirements and offer the right solution & products. Our highly skilled and technical sales team will study your requirements and advise the right products. Your overall project cost would be reduced since FOQSCO will offer alternatives with cost effective products and special package prices.

The materials supplied to the customers are from well-known manufacturers whose materials have undergone strict quality control and conform to the international standards and various client standards. As part of our policy towards our clients, we understand that reliability and quality are paramount to the partnership and we are strongly committed to provide the same and supply the products that conform to contractual and regulatory requirements. Quality and client satisfaction are key factors to the continued success of our business.