FOQSCO provides a family of products, providing contractors and facility owners, environmentally safe, durable, and cost effective protection for both above and below ground structures.

Liquid Rubber Drylar

Liquid Rubber Drylar is a modified elastomeric asphalt emulsion specifically formulated as a spray applied protective foundation coating. When cured this coating functions as a high quality protective membrane providing excellent protection for concrete & metal surfaces from water penetration, salt or other chemical attack. Liquid Rubber Drylar, when cured is highly elastic and will bridge small cracks that appear in the concrete on setting and the Liquid Rubber Drylar coating is seamless and fully adhered to the surface so no water can get behind the coating to attack the concrete & metal. Liquid Rubber Drylar meets the Canadian Construction Materials Centre requirements for foundation applications, and is a cold applied using an airless dual pump applicator for safety and efficiency. Liquid Rubber Drylar is also an environmentally safe alternative to conventional hot applied bitumen or solvent based protective coatings and easier to use than pre-formed plastic sheeting. Liquid Rubber Drylar provides excellent waterproofing and chemical resistance through a highly flexible seamless membrane that resists cracking and aging. Liquid Rubber Drylar is unaffected by a wide range of mild acids, alkalis, salts and other inorganic chemicals.

Liquid Rubber Zavlar

Liquid Rubber Zavlar is a multi-purpose, medium viscosity liquid specifically designed as an environmentally safe sealant for waterproofing and corrosion protection to both horizontal and vertical surfaces. As a flexible and seamless coating, Zavlar produces a fully adhered chemical and waterproof coating that resists cracking and aging. Liquid Rubber Zavlar is applied using a brush, roller or air spray system. Liquid Rubber Zavlar is a elastomer modified bitumen emulsion having a medium range viscosity suitable to seal around roof and wall penetrations and sealing small cracks in concrete. Liquid Rubber Zavlar is applied as a liquid and when cured forms a flexible elastic membrane able to withstand stresses and vibrations without cracking or peeling from the surface. Applications include foundation and roof repairs, waterproofing planter boxes, shower stalls, and small ponds. Liquid Rubber Zavlar is a water based environmentally safe alternative to conventional hot applied or solvent based waterproofing systems. Liquid Rubber Zavlar is unaffected by a range of acids, alkalis and waterborne salts, ultra violet rays and is resistant to biological deterioration.