FOQSCO has acquired specialization in the field of structural rehabilitation services for maintenance and support of concrete and steel structure and repair of process piping, using advanced carbon fiber technology and other type of composite materials and epoxy coating for extreme corrosive environments. FOQSCO provides:

  • Engineering repair solutions by using advanced composite systems such as carbon fiber reinforcement, FRP to concrete and steel structure.
  • Repair of process pipes using high strength carbon fiber system.
  • Leak repair for process pipes.
  • General repairs concrete structure using conventional method epoxy grouts and crack injections.
  • Application of coatings systems for extreme corrosive environments.
  • Expansion joint repair.
  • Acid lining using composite system with carbon fiber for 98% concentration of sulfuric acid and 54% concentration of phosphoric acid.
  • Roof repair & water proofing services.
  • Carbon fiber sales.