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Health Safety Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Policy

FOQSCO is an ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and 45001:2018 Certified Company.

FOQSCO considers safety a top priority in our everyday activities and therefore has highly skilled employees with strong HSEQ awareness in all work areas. The effective implementation of our HSEQ Policy and procedures are top priority for all our employees for conducting operations in a safe manner and maintaining compliance with all applicable laws, standards and regulations.

The commitment to the Safety Program must be firm, aggressive and shall be the responsibility of all in Management to ensure that all operations are performed with the utmost regard for the Safety and Health of all personnel and to prevent property damage under their direction.

It is the responsibility of every employee to support and promote the Safety and Health process in order to ensure a safe environment in which to work.

Accident prevention is the responsibility of all employees. Preventing accidents is a primary consideration in all phases of our operations and administration. It is our intention as a company to provide a safe and healthy work place. Our Company has established and insists upon safe work practices by all employees at all times.

All supervisors must make employee safety an integral part of his or her management duties. Each employee must accept and follow all established safety, loss control and risk management regulations and procedures.

  • This Company believes that safety starts with proper training!
  • We will provide training to all of our employees!
  • Employees must help to prevent accidents!
  • Housekeeping is everyone’s responsibility!
  • Unsafe conditions must be reported immediately to management!

If an employee is not sure of how to perform a task safely, he or she should ask a qualified person for guidance or help. If someone needs help to perform a task safely we will provide assistance.

  • Safety is a team effort!

Every injury must be reported immediately. Even a slight cut or strain injury must be reported immediately. Accidents and injuries must be reported to your supervisor, management or safety officer immediately. “IMMEDIATELY” MEANS WHEN THE ACCIDENT OR INJURY OCCURS. Never leave the job site or clock out before reporting the accident or injury.

Serious injuries that require emergency medical care must be reported to management immediately after emergency care has been provided.

  • All accidents will be thoroughly investigated!
  • Employees must cooperate with management during any accident or injury investigation!