Industrial Services

FOQSCO’s Industrial Services division provides Industrial Maintenance Services to the Saudi Industrial Sector.

The Company Aspires to Become Your Partner for All Your Industrial Maintenance Services.

FOQSCO Vision is to Be Your Outsourced Partner Supporting Your Organization in terms of offering Quality Assured Comprehensive Industrial Maintenance Services.

FOQSCO specializes in the multiple aspects of Industrial Operation & Maintenance Services.

FOQSCO offers its safe & quality services to Oil & Gas, Petro-chemical, Power & Energy, Fertilizers and Metal Plants.


High pressure hydro jetting services with capacity ranging from 15,000 – 24,000 psi. Specialize in the cleaning of stationary equipment like exchangers, columns, vessels, Tower, Storage tanks and Fin-Fans. Our Strengths are:

  • Highly qualified personnel verse in all types of jetting activities.
  • Advanced &well maintained fleet of equipment.
  • Innovate techniques, such as unblocking tubes filled with polymer.

Industrial Vacuuming

Our Vacuum trucks are suitable for the desludging of industrial waste from stationary equipment’s such as columns, vessels, tower storage tanks and catalyst unloading / loading from reactors in a professional and safe manner. Benefits are:

  • A Fleet of technologically advanced vacuum trucks.
  • Suction capability of 3,000m3/h with 12,000L storage capacity/ truck.
  • Certified and experienced operators & helpers.
  • Stainless steel tanks (AISI 316) to handle the most corrosive substances.
  • Standard Safety provisions include Rupture disc, hose rupture safety valves on behalf of the rear door and tipping cylinder, beacon light, emergency stop, tip unbolting protection, repair cross beam, catwalk, rear door clamp protection, earthing reel, and powder extinguishers.

Column/ Vessel Repairs and Maintenance

FOQSCO offers a full range of column and vessel maintenance services to the refining, petrochemical and power sectors. We repair and maintain all types of vessels and columns and ensure that equipment is reinstated for safe and efficient use in the shortest possible time.

FOQSCO subject matter experts are trained to operate in confined spaces using breathing apparatus and jetting equipment. Our resources are fully qualified and trained for below mentioned activities:

  • Internal cleaning
  • De-sludging
  • Internal modification
  • Complete replacement of internal trays
  • Internal Strip lining

Tank Maintenance

Industry leading expertise in tank cleaning and maintenance of all types of tanks, AST’s & UST’s for crude, chemical, fuel, water, and solvent storage.

Our Vacuum cleaning technique ensure the removal of all water, sludge, rust and other pollutants from tanks prior to us Jet washing for residual deposits. In larger tanks FOQSCO apply conventional jetting techniques and in the case of smaller vessels where man entry pose a problem/ risk we use HP probes.

Our team is trained in confined space entry and the use of appropriate PPE (including breathing apparatus).

Services include:

  • Internal cleaning
  • De-sludging
  • Sludge disposal
  • Internal Inspection
  • Repair / replacement of tank bottom, including annular plate