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HDPE Geomembrane Lining

FOQSCO is one of the largest suppliers and independent installers of HDPE Geomembrane Lining in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our installation experience, refined installation techniques and materials purchasing expertise combine to offer our clients unmatched HDPE Geomembrane Lining solutions on a supply and install basis.

FOQSCO client list includes but is not limited to contracting firms, engineering companies, oil & gas companies, private owners and government agencies at all levels, located from coast to coast in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and operating in a wide range of industries. We have provided installation services in the waste management, power and energy, civil construction, pulp and paper, oil and gas, aquaculture, agriculture, and mining markets.

HDPE Delivery in Saudi Arabia


FOQSCO is committed to offering the most comprehensive range of Geosynthetics including all types of HDPE Geomembrane Lining such as Double Smooth, Single Side Texture, Double Side Texture, Enhanced Texture, E-Lock Sheets etc. We have a track record for swift delivery and are committed to offering the fastest delivery service in Saudi Arabia and are very proud of our customer service record.


FOQSCO employs its incredible knowledge bank through our employees who have vast knowledge and experience of materials and installation. Not only can we recommend the suitable type of Geomembrane required regardless of source, but we can also install the whole system and develop the quality control procedures necessary to ensure that your system works from day one.

Design of HDPE Installation System in Saudi Arabia
HDPE Installation in Saudi Arabia


Product selection is only one part of the process. No Geomembrane or containment system can be effective without proper installation. FOQSCO has extensive experience of the complete installation process and will manage, supervise and install the whole project wherever required from A to Z. We have well trained crews and our equipment is regularly calibrated by recognized third parties.

Testing and Quality Control

FOQSCO gives utmost importance to the quality of its work. All our installations are strictly tested employing destructive and nondestructive techniques as per ASTM standards such as air pressure testing, vacuum box testing, spark testing, shear testing and peel testing. As such our technicians are also certified to carry out these Quality Control measures.

Testing and Quality Control of HDPE in Saudi Arabia

Common Applications of HDPE Geomembrane Lining

Oil and Gas Disposal Pits

Exploration and extraction for oil and gas requires extensive drilling which creates a good deal of slurry and waste. Storage pits are constructed and are lined with HDPE Geomembrane linings to store the slurry and protect the local soil and underground water from contaminants.

Landfill - Basal Linings & Cap Closures

The HDPE Geomembrane liner in landfill applications is the most effective line of defense in protecting the environment and is generally the lowest cost component of the total cost of a project. FOQSCO has vast experience in not only installing HDPE as a basal layer but also of capping filled Landfill areas.

Surface Reservoirs Ponds & Lagoons

Flexible HDPE Geomembrane lining systems constitute what is quickly becoming the first choice for clients wishing to provide a fast, cost–effective means of storing their liquids in earth dams, lagoons and ponds.

Aquaculture & Fish Farming

Flexible HDPE Geomembrane linings, which are non-toxic, chemically inert and durable, are imperative for the stocking and breeding on a commercial scale of aquaculture and mariculture species. They do not damage fins and tails and are easily cleaned and maintained.

Waste Water Treatment Lagoons

In sewage and waste water treatment facilities, it is imperative that any selected liner system is proven to be resistant not only to the effects of climate but also resistant to the potential attack of chemicals, highly organic fatty acids and oils in the long term. This requires extra care at the time of installation.

Evaporation & Retention Ponds

The HDPE Geomembrane liner systems used in these facilities are often more critical in terms of aspects of design selection and installation. It is often designed with thicker membranes and can comprise multiple layers with intermediate drainage layers for the purpose of detecting and collecting any leakage.

Latest HDPE Geomembrane Lining Projects

Earlier this year we installed Concrete Canvas for a slope protection application at Ma'aden Aluminum RSA Cell III.

One of our biggest projects of HDPE Geomembrane Lining to date was undertaken in Hawiyah NGL and was a resounding success.

Under Saudi Aramco's initiative to plant a million trees we were awarded the Natural Plantation project at Haradh Gas Plant.