FOQSCO is the authorized agent of Deploy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Deploy facilitates access to water storage infrastructure to the rural sector. FOQSCO with Deploy provides an effortless, affordable and more sustainable alternative. Deploy provides game-changing innovation in water management, developing the first-ever flat-packed, air-deployed, and ready-to-use concrete water tank, manufactured with a concrete-filled fabric, that is revolutionising the infrastructure industry. Thanks to their material combined with a thorough structural analysis, they have been able to replace 150mm wall thickness of conventional concrete with just 6 mm. This represents substantial reductions in the generation of CO2 and water usage, turning DEPLOY into the lowest embodied carbon product in the market. Also, their patent-pending technology on foldable and inflatable containment infrastructures, plus the no-needed-for-a-concrete base makes it the first of its kind in the water tank ecosystem.

How is it Done?

1. Easy to Store

Deploy is folded and packed in the manufacturing line.

2. Easy to Transport

Deploy has major advantage in transfer compared to conventional solutions since roads to rural areas making transportation extremely hard.

2. Easy to Deploy

Deploy has a DIY installation approach. Conventional concrete solutions require intense labour force and more than 20 days of building process. It takes 2 individuals and 24 hours for Deploy. 

2. Easy to Maintain

Our DIY approach makes a large difference here. Deploy requires plastic repair over time, which is less expensive and can be done easily by the community itself.

The Product Line

The 14R Model

14,000L at your disposal

THE 40R Model

40,000L coming soon


A new type of concrete slab

See it in Action