Concrete Canvas in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain


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Concrete Canvas Projects

Here's a gallery of some of our Concrete Canvas Projects.

Earlier this year we installed Concrete Canvas for a slope protection application at Ma'aden Aluminum RSA Cell III.

In this beautiful application we used Concrete Canvas for slope protection of a small hill in Al Bahah region.

When time of the essence at Rig Sites, Concrete Canvas gets the job done in the shortest amount of time and smallest logistical foot print possible.

Concrete Canvas (CC) was selected as it would be easy and quick to install, could accommodate the varying width of the channel, and was a safe option for installation on the slope.

Concrete Canvas (CC) was specified to line a drainage channel which runs adjacent to a road in Salmabad, Bahrain. The purpose of the installation was to provide erosion protection to the channel and prevent undermining of the road.

With persistent issues of weed growing inside channels and disrupting the flow of water for the ever important irrigation channels, Concrete Canvas was the best solution that did not require stopping the flow at all.

CC HydroTM was used to provide erosion protection to a series of bunds and adjoining rain channels on a Rig Site owned by Saudi Aramco in Dhahran.

With conventional slope protection mechanisms failing to meet the tight deadlines of the project, it was Concrete Canvas to the rescue. Taking a mere days to complete an area that would require months.

In June 2017, CC Hydro™ (CCH) GCCB* was specified as an erosion control solution to a slope and surrounding area, less than 100m from a drill site. Therefore, the client required sufficient protection of the outflow area to protect the surrounding infrastructure.

CCH™ was installed as a fully impermeable channel lining solution that did not require any kind of road closure thus saving a myriad of headaches generally associated with such projects.

CCH8TM was used to line four irregular shaped ponds and two tank storage areas in a wildlife sanctuary to prevent damage caused by animal traffic and to improve the safety of the animals which use the ponds.

The aim of the project was to prevent the flow of rainwater from causing erosion on the slopes of ponds on the site.

Concrete Canvas was used to remediate an existing channel which ran alongside a road in the grounds of the Yanbu Refinery. The site was privately owned, there was limited access and time on site. CC was chosen because it significantly reduce time and cost of the job.

In October 2016, 800m2 of CC HydroTM (CCH8TM) was used to construct a Pyrophoric treatment Area at Haradh Gas Plant. CC Hydro was chosen due to it’s reduced installation time, lower cost and for the life expectancy of 50 years+.

Concrete Canvas was used to prevent rain water run-off infiltrating a gulley and causing a land slip at Wadi Laban, Riyadh Saudi Arabia,