Freih Bin Owaidha Al-Qahtani Sons Co. Ltd. (FOQSCO) provides a family of products, providing contractors and facility owners, environmentally safe, durable, and cost effective protection for both above and below ground structures.

These quality spray grade products are only applied by certified applicators.

Daclar™ (SealRoof B-200)

A Liquid Applied Seamless Membrane for Roof Restoration or New Construction.

Daclar™ forms a tough seamless membrane with most roofing substrates leaving no gaps between itself and the substrate where water can accumulate and cause failures.

Daclar™ is a spray applied polymer enhanced bituminous emulsion specially formulated to be ‘rapid setting’ to dramatically reduce application and curing time.

Daclar™ requires no top seal coat to prevent UV damage to the membrane, lowering cost and shortening on-site time.

Daclar™ conforms to even the most complex roofing structures enabling roof designers, engineers and architects design and layout freedom, knowing that even the most intricate profile can be fully protected.

Because of its excellent bond and peel strength, elasticity and flexibility surfaces protected with Daclar™ last. The protective coating will not peel or separate even under temperature extremes and wind induced building movement.

This environmentally sage product is solvent free, non-toxic and odourless. It is cold applied eliminating fire and other workplace risks.

Drylar™ (CreteSafe B-250)

High Performance Environmentally Safe Concrete Protection that is Fast and Safe to Apply.

Drylar™ gives contractors and owners long lasting protection from the damaging effects of water. Drylar™ coatings resist degradation from;

  • UV, fungus and bacteria
  • Attack by salts and alkali in soil

Drylar™ products provide excellent protection for your assets over the long term due to the:

  • Flexible and elastic nature of the membrane they produce
  • Toughness and “crack-bridging” performance of the membrane
  • The strength of the bond it forms to the surface being protected

Drylar™ is a spray applied polymer enhanced bituminous emulsion specially formulated to be ‘rapid setting’ to dramatically reduce application and curing time.

All Drylar™ products are environmentally safe requiring no special site permits. And because Drylar™ is a cold applied product, the work environment is safer too.

Vezlar™ (MetalSafe B-300)

A Liquid Applied Seamless Membrane for General Purpose Protection.

Vezlar™ bonds firmly to steel and iron, concrete and all common materials of construction without use of a primer. It forms a thick, tough coating which will not oxidize, craze, alligator, crack, check, loosen or scale. Vezlar™ provides a high degree of electrical resistivity and shows excellent performance in cathode protection or stray current situations. It withstands soil stresses and resists attack by alkalis, acids, salts and moisture.

Because of its excellent bond and peel strength, elasticity and flexibility, surfaces protected with Vezlar™ last.

The protective coating will not peel, or separate even under temperature extremes and abrasive environments.

Vezlar™ is a spray applied polymer enhanced bituminous emulsion ideally suited for concrete protection of containment basins, channels and spillways as well as protecting decorative structures such as ponds, planters and roof decks.

Vezlar™ forms a tough seamless membrane for use as a general purpose protective coating for surface and underground fabricated steel products such as pipes, conduits, valves, fittings, tanks, hydraulic cylinder castings and structural steel.

Zavlar™ (HighBuild S-200)

Protect and bond to virtually any surface including metal, concrete, masonry, most roofing materials, brick, wood, foam and more…

The excellent adhesion and elasticity of Liquid Rubber’s Zavlar™ waterproof sealant makes it an ideal choice for both the professional contractor and the do-it-yourself customer. Professional contractors have relied on Zavlar™ to give them a durable sealant that adheres to all type of surfaces they encounter in both construction and restoration projects. In agricultural applications, Zavlar™ is used to provide a corrosion protection for metals used in barns, feeding stations and silos. Zavlar™ is used to seal small cracks in masonry, water troughs and to seal leaks in roofs. Zavlar™ is a versatile sealant on the farm.

Professional contractors use Zavlar™ when building homes, factories, warehouses and garages to seal penetrations in concrete and masonry, wood and metal. Zavlar™ permanently seals gaps preventing water or vapor leakage.

The elastic nature of the product means that it will move with the building and not crack or pull loose from the surface it is adhered to, giving a permanent waterproof seal.

Home owners and do-it-yourself repairmen like Zavlar™ because one application solves the problem. It has many uses around the house and it is easy to apply and clean up afterwards.

Professional roofer use Zavlar™ to provide a water-tight seal around roof penetrations, skylights, breather pipes, flashings and parapet walls. The excellent adhesion and wide range of materials it will adhere to makes Zavlar™ a very versatile and dependable product for roofers.

Voxlar™ (TrowelGrade B-400)

Voxlar™ is a high viscosity sealant containing no solvents that is applied with a trowel or brush to seal cracks and joints and provide waterproofing and corrosion protection.


  • Metal roof protection & restoration
  • Concrete foundations
  • Retaining walls
  • Parking garage decks
  • Concrete and metal pipes
  • Channels
  • Reflecting ponds
  • Agricultural pads
  • Oily water separators
  • Truck undercoating
  • Roof restoration
  • Environmental barriers
  • Gas barriers
  • Cooling tower liners
  • Liners
  • Plazas, podiums, walkways
  • Planters
  • Seamless Liners
  • Tunnel waterproofing
  • Storage tanks
  • Impounding basins
  • Reservoirs
  • Wastewater clarifier tanks
  • Ballast decks
  • Bridge decks